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London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, and also much of Berkshire, Hampshire, Essex and Herts too.

Are you looking for a fantastic magic show to come to your school? Our magicians wow, dazzle and delight with their visiting shows. We perform our super magic shows in schools as a treat, as a reward, to tie in with a topic or just for fun. We also have magic shows that get an educational message across in an entertaining way.

Our marvellous magic shows are packed to the brim with conjuring, comedy and action, and there's tons of audience participation too getting helpers up at every opportunity.
A school magician looks aghast at a box of eggs and picks one up between his fingers. Fruit and vegetables are in the foreground.

We have magic shows aimed at different age groups; Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and our very exciting news is that we now have show for Key Stage 3.

Our magic for early years is bright,  colourful and very funny.

Our magic for Key Stage 1 is high-energy, full of laughs with a whole load of impressive magic.

Our magic for Key Stage 2 is thrilling, fast-paced and super fun. Some very slick magic.

Our magic for Key Stage 3 is edgy, clever and daring, loads of cool stuff plus a couple of stage card routines and a spot of mind reading.

We also have magic shows aimed at all age groups all together - where we perform magic clever and exciting enough to impress the older children whilst mixing it with suitably silly stuff and slapstick to keep the littler ones laughing all the way through.
Two jolly magicians entertaining children in schools. One is producing a coloured tie from his hat, and the other is happily waving a magic wand.
A Little Video of Our Magic
A magician is asking a child volunteer questions and writing the answers down on a large pad of paper



We currently have four educational school shows available; "Food For Thought", a magic show about healthy eating and the food we eat, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", a fun informed show about sustainability and the proper managing of the world's resources, "Science Or Magic" about the science of magic, and "The Magic of Reading" (formerly known as "You Are What You Read" a show about the joys of reading. You can find out more about our educational school shows here.

A magician entertains in a school hall, speaking on a microphone in front of an audience of children
A school magician performs a magical gesture, copied by an audience of children

We can perform either on a school stage or we can perform on floor level, and children can either be sat on the floor or on chairs (or both).

School shows are usually an hour or 45 minutes each, but can be longer or shorter on request. We can perform several magic shows over the course of a day if you have a lot of children you want us to entertain, and these shows can be the same show or different shows.

We also have optional smart backdrops that we can set up behind the magic if you wish.

We are often asked for a magic show to tie in with
Leon and The Place Between, and we can perform an inspired show that links in with this fabulous book. Fantastic!

All our magicians are DBS checked (if you need them to be) and have £10m Public Liability Insurance. All equipment is PAT tested.
A magician concentrates on producing white balls from a blue silk scarf

Our magic shows in schools are ideal for school assemblies, book weeks, as a reward in a school incentive programme, at summer fetes and family fun days (Christmas shows, summer fairs etc), after-school clubs, holiday clubs, Brownies, Rainbows, Guides, Scouts, Cubs, or just as a good fun treat for everyone.


We can also help raise money for your school by performing after-school magic shows as fun fund-raisers.
Educational shows in schools - a female magician in glassers waves a magic wand

For example, if you have 2 x one hour shows, seating 80 guests in each show and you are charging £4 a ticket you would make (after our fee) £410 for your school. If you have two shows, seating 100 guests in each show and are charging £5 a ticket you would be making £770 for your school. Even having just one hour long show, seating 80 and charging £5 a head, you would still be making a lovely £220. If you are allowing parents to come and watch too then that's fine by us and we'll make sure they have as much fun as the children. The more the merrier and the more money you can make.
Educational shows in schools - a magician in a jacket and top hat pulls a face whilst looking through a large empty cylinder

The Milk Jug of Doom - A jug, proven to be filled with milk, vanishes seconds before being poured over the head of a volunteer pupil.

The Oops Machine - Magic using shoes borrowed from the audience and a bewitched box that turns them into mush. Can the magician put them back together again before it's too late?

The Orange Box – The magician teleports a picture, drawn by one child helper, into the hands of a second child helper in the blink of an eye.

Perpetual Dreams - A miraculous production of coins, balls and carrots.

Kids' Revenge - The whole audience choose which of the cups the magician will pour over his head - will he get wet or not? Now with a new twist in the tale as well.

Water Through Body - The magician magically pour water all the way through the middle of a child volunteer.

Cutty Sark – The magician teaches the children a classic piece of magic adding in comedy moments at every opportunity.

What’s In The Bag? - A magical and surprising predication game pitting the magician against a helper from the audience.

Big Nose – Where the children help draw a portrait of the magician by magic and with this extra help the magician is guaranteed not to look as gorgeous as he wants to be.

The Magic Thief – Rousing role play and intrigue as the magician relates the story of a magic thief to his audience.

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