A surprised magician takes an egg out of a tray of eggs in a schools show about healthy eating. He is surrounded by fruit and vegetables.
A highly entertaining one hour magic show explaining healthy eating; highlighting what we should be eating and drinking and why, covering everything from food groups, breakfasts, snacks, school dinners, your five-a-day fruit and vegetables, why we need to eat in the first place and more. Magic routines with onion rings, eggs, fruit, carrots, eggs, ketchup, pizza, milk and lollipops.

We have two versions of this show; one which is fairly fact-heavy, and one which is less fact-heavy (gives us time for even more magic!) but still covers all the essential basics of good eating. Suitable for both KS1 and KS2.

A smiling magician holds two empty bottles in one hand for a school's show about recycling
Our informed fun school show all about about sustainability. We chat, enlighten and entertain with magic relating to recycling, reducing waste, food miles and buying produce locally, natural resources, renewable forms of energy, sustainable living and caring for the environment. Suitable for both KS1 and KS2.

A magical and enjoyable explanation as to the delights of reading a novel and reading books is not just fun, but important too.. How a book is structured to keep you interested in a story, to keep you wanting to read more. We explain about beginnings, middles and ends, and about how conflict and resolution will keep you hooked. This not only explains how famous authors have put their own tales together, but shows how the children can write a good story themselves.

The marvellous magic routines we perform in the show are all designed around classic children’s novels such as James and the Giant Peach, Five Children and It, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, the Harry Potter series, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Borrowers, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series and more modern tales such as David Walliams’s Demon Dentist.

This show is entertaining, informative, and explains about conflict and resolution in children’s literature and about the structure of a good story. The magician plays many different characters from the books.

We can often also add in magic routines based around books from your own current school reading list, for example we have already based many a magic show entirely around the popular school book Leon and The Place Between.

Our "Is It Science or Magic?" show is very different from the usual kind of science show out there. Here we perform a series of magic routines and we ask your pupils if they think what we are performing is real magic or is it all tricks and science? After each of our magic routines we ask the children how they think they are done, and then we show them if they are right or not by revealing the secret to each one.

This is an exceptionally fun exercise in basic methodical, logical and scientific thinking, and we have different versions of this show for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

We demonstrate routines that have secrets dependant upon carbon dioxide, sodium polyacrylate (the absorbent polymer found in nappies), topology (we love Mobius bands!), optical illusions, food colourings, and many other methods besides.

To finish off with we perform our most convincing and magical routines leaving the pupils wondering whether these themselves were indeed real magic or could they just possibly be clever tricks as well.

Ideal for science weeks or science days.