A highly entertaining magic show explaining healthy eating; highlighting what we should be eating and drinking and why, covering everything from breakfasts, snacks, juices and smoothies, school dinners, five-a-days, junk food and more.

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A magical and enjoyable explanation as to why the delights of reading a novel are so much better than watching a mainstream movie adaptation of the same story, and why reading is so much fun anyway. The show is not as information-heavy as some of our previous educational shows, but we do have three sets of information we like to weave into the show which are:

a)    Reasons why books are better than movies. There are many, of course, and we elaborate on six of the best ones. There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie … films are fun … but reading a book is usually a much more enriching experience.

b)    How a book is structured to keep you interested in a story, to keep you wanting to read more. We explain about beginnings, middles and ends, and about how conflict and resolution will keep you hooked. This not only explains how famous authors have put their own tales together, but shows how the children can write a good story themselves.

c)    Why reading books is not just fun, but important too.
The marvellous magic routines we perform in the show are all designed around classic children’s novels such as James and the Giant Peach, Five Children and It, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, the Harry Potter series, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Borrowers, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series and more modern tales such as David Walliams’s Demon Dentist. This show is entertaining, informative, and explains about conflict and resolution in children’s literature and about the structure of a good story. The magician plays characters from the books with super-quick costume changes throughout.

We also give you a copy of our script and the information within it so you can go over the show and its messages afterwards in class if you wish to.

The show is an hour in length and was written originally for Key Stage 2 children, though we can also perform a version for Key Stage 1 as well. We can sometimes also add in magic routines based around books from your own current school reading list, and we have already incorporated the book Leon and The Place Between into several of our shows on request.

Finally, we also do a show "The Magic of Reading" which is a lighter version of this show keeping all the exciting magic, fun fictional characters and costume changes but at the same time keeping it "fact light" which means we can do even more magic and have even more fun than usual in the time.

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