A school show magician, wearing a Christmas costume, is doing magic with coloured boxes
A school show magician is trying to outstare a toy turkey
We have a super seasonal Christmas magic show for schools, and we believe there's no better finish to the year than to have a fun magic show in your school hall. Our shows are exciting, full of visual magic, and will fill every child with delight and awe. It's cheaper than sending everyone off to the panto, and it's more exciting than getting a Christmas jumper from your granny (but only just, tell granny!).
We have splendid Xmas magic shows for Early Years, for Key Stage One and also for Key Stage Two. We also have a show suitable for everyone altogether, with tons of silly stuff and slapstick for the younger ones mixed in with plenty of "wow" moments for older kids.
Our Christmas magic shows are usually either 45 minute or an hour, but can be longer or shorter on request. We can also perform more than one show in the space of a day, all we ask for is at least 15 minutes to reset between shows.
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Our seasonal magic show for
pre-school children is crammed full of Christmas themed routines, exciting examples of which include making a toy reindeer appear by magic, having the children help the magician make a magical Christmas cake, feeding the reindeer with perpetually appearing carrots, trying to make presents by magic for the family, plus super Santa and elf themed magic too. Alongside our Christmas magic routines we add in a few of our favourite popular regular routines as well. If you like we can also include jolly puppet fun with Stinky the Bird who is a brightly-coloured muppet-type puppet and Bobbin the Raccoon who is the cute one.