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No deposit to pay during the pandemic. If your school is open then so are we!
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You are going to love the magic shows we do for schools and preschools. We entertain with an amazing show that is tons of fun, loads of laughs, all with an abundance of impressive magic. Fantastic!

Our show continues to be Covid aware, Government rulings compliant, all approved by our union and our insurers. We use hand sanitiser and gloves when we set up. We prefer not to wear a face covering while performing but will happily do so if you want us to (we have some smart clear ones), and our magicians don't perform at more than one school in each ten day period.
We cannot currently get children up beside us to be our helpers, but there is still loads of fun audience participation throughout. At the time of writing schools still need to keep their classes / year groups in separate bubbles and so we are doing super exciting classroom magic show visits this Christmas. A classroom magic show is 45 minutes and we can usually do up to four classroom shows in a day. Find out more.

As well as our regular show, we are also able to do our super fun and colourful Christmas magic shows, our jolly colourful shows for nurseries and pre-schools, and we are still able to do our show based on the book "
Leon and the Place Between".
A children's magician is about to do a hilarious magic routine with a pizza and pizza oven
All About Us

We provide magic shows in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, and also much of Berkshire, Hampshire, Essex and Herts too.

We perform our super magic shows in schools as a treat, as a reward, to tie in with a topic or just for fun.  We also have magic shows that get an educational message across in an entertaining way.

Our marvellous magic shows are packed to the brim with conjuring, comedy and action, and there's absolutely tons of exciting audience participation as well.
A magician, performing at a school, has a girl helper pull on a length of orange wool
A school shows magician resplendant in a blue jacket and top hat. He holds a magic wand, an orange and a red bag.
A magician entertains in a school hall, speaking on a microphone in front of an audience of children
Our Current Shows

Our Gold Magic Show - super entertaining fantastic magic.  Different shows for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3

Our very funny and colourful show for Nurseries and Pre-Schools

Magic classroom visits - one or more classrooms over the course of a day with our "show in a suitcase"

Christmas Magic Shows for all ages
Shows We'll Be Able To Do Again Once Covid-19 Is Over

Our Classics Magic Show (suitable for KS2 and KS3): legendary magic routines from a bygone age such as Linking Rings, Cups and Balls, Walking Knot, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Vanishing Milk in Newspaper, Straitjacket Escape and more.

educational shows (suitable for KS1 and KS2):

-   Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
-   Food For Thought  (our healthy eating show)
-   The Magic of Reading
-   Science Or Magic?
Two magicians superimposed side by side. One wears a colourful costume and displays silk scarves, the other is dressed in a formal outfit and waves a magic wand.
Magic For All Occasions

Our mighty magician entertainers are ideal for book weeks, school assemblies, as a reward in a school incentive programme, at summer fetes and family fun days, special occasions, after-school clubs, holiday clubs, Christmas parties, magic shows in libraries, to tie in with a topic (for example we do lots of school magic shows based around the book "Leon And The Place Between") or just as a good fun treat for everyone.
Our magic shows in schools are usually either 45 minutes or 60 minutes but can be longer or shorter on request. We can also perform several shows over the course of a day if you have a lot of children to entertain. We can perform either on a school stage or we can perform on floor level, and children can either be sat on the floor or on chairs (or both).

We also have optional smart backdrops that we can set up behind the magic if you wish.
A child audience watches a visiting educational show in a school
A school magcian, dressed as a wizard, looks aghast at a lizard that he holds
A school magician performs a magical gesture, copied by an audience of children
The Summer Reading Challenge

In the summer of 2020 we were commissioned by the London libraries
to put an online show together for the Summer Reading Challenge. Covid-19 prevented us from being there in person. Here's an abridged version of that show. Please note that this is smaller magic we do for online shows, and different from the bigger magic we do for school shows. Enjoy!
School Fundraisers

An alternative to having a regular or educational magic show is for us to help raise money for your school as an after-school event. For example, if you have 2 x one hour shows, seating 80 guests in each show and you are charging £4 a ticket you would make (after our fee) £410 for your school. If you have two shows, seating 100 guests in each show and are charging £5 a ticket you would be making £770 for your school. Even having just one hour long show, seating 80 and charging £5 a head, you would still be making a lovely £220. If you are allowing parents to come and watch too then that's fine by us and we'll make sure they have as much fun as the children. The more the merrier and the more money you can make.
Call us on School Magic Shows on 07734 101 987
or email Andy at office@schoolmagicshows.co.uk

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